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Wait-HOW many students doubt they’ll graduate?

A new study reveals surprising information about students' confidence in their ability to reach college graduation.

Nearly half of students entering college are arriving on campus already doubting their ability to reach graduation, according to a new study.

According to the 2017 Allianz Tuition Insurance College Confidence Index, 48 percent are less than very confident they will finish college without dropping out permanently, and 55 percent think they will need to take at least some time off.

Doubts around graduation are prevalent among current college students as well, with 43 percent of current surveyed students indicating they’ve thought about withdrawing. A majority (53 percent) of current students said they are less than very confident they will graduate within four years.

Parents, too, anticipate the likelihood that withdrawal might be necessary. More than half of all parents surveyed (52 percent) lacked full confidence that their student will graduate within four years.

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Laura Ascione