2. For an Optimized Print Experience

It can be difficult to know which printer a document will be sent to, especially in computer labs or libraries with multiple printers. This problem is compounded when there are wireless printers that students, faculty and staff can connect to with their personal laptop or tablet. Print management gives users the flexibility to print what they need when and where they need it.

Having all printers on the same network makes it easier for students and faculty to print to the device most convenient to them at that time. A secure print queue holds the documents until they are released by the users at the printing device. This eliminates the frustration of having to find a printer and optimizes daily processes for students, faculty and staff – now given the ability to release their documents at the device and time that is most convenient.

3. For an Added Layer of Security

Because documents are held in a print queue before being released by authorized users, security is increased across campus. Documents left in printer trays represent a risk of interception – either accidental or malicious. What if a professor inadvertently left the answer key for an exam in the output tray of the department’s printer and a student happened to see it? For students, faculty and staff, the ability to release documents when and where they choose significantly reduces the risk of private information left unattended at the printer.

Higher education institutions dedicate resources and capital to a computing and network infrastructure that will save them time and money. By including often overlooked print management techniques and connecting all printers campus-wide, IT departments can improve their document management ecosystem by optimizing the printing process for users, limiting wasted supplies and safeguarding information. When students return this fall, colleges and universities can focus on their mission…educating students, not costs and document security risks.

About the Author:

Sharon B. Varalli is the Senior Industry Marketing Manager for Nuance Document Imaging responsible for developing and executing go-to-market strategies for multiple industries. Prior to working at Nuance, Sharon worked at Xerox Corporation, Rochester General Hospital and Kodak.

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