Got great computer science skills? You might want to move to Massachusetts, where, according to a new report, 23 percent of jobs involve computer science skills, compared to the national average of less than 18 percent.

The report from Achieve and Burning Glass Technologies analyzes the demand for technology jobs in Massachusetts, and the trends illustrated in the report show the importance of increasing the supply of people with computer science knowledge and skills in Massachusetts, particularly in the Boston area.

According to the research, jobs requiring computer science skills include programmers who develop new software, IT staff who manage technology systems, and analysts who use quantitative software tools to make data-based decisions. Among these jobs, Massachusetts employers are having a hard time finding qualified candidates; nine of the top 10 technology occupations identified in the report take longer than average to fill in the Commonwealth.

The report, Technology Jobs in Massachusetts: The Demand for a Massachusetts Technology Workforce, takes a closer look at the overall demand for computer science skills in the Commonwealth, focusing on educational and skills requirements as well as common industry-recognized credentials for computer science, information technology (IT), and IT-adjacent jobs.

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