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Educators are hyped up about these two new technologies

Relatively recent advances in two ed tech tools mean they might be ready for classroom use.

A new survey reveals that an overwhelmingly large amount of educators–89 percent, to be exact–said they found value in ed tech such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

Thirty-one percent of those respondents said the technologies will change teaching and learning in the classroom as we know it.

The report, “Evaluation of Ed Tech: What Technology Means to Educators Across America,” also reveals that just 13 percent of educators gave their school or university an ‘A’ when asked to rank their available ed tech’s ability to improve the learning experience for students, according to a new study.

Despite that low confidence in technology’s impact on learning, most surveyed educators said they tend to view technology as a positive addition to the classroom.

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Laura Ascione

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