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New data dashboard provides real-time insights into student engagement with video

Improved user experience and first-of-its-kind data visualization aims to give higher ed administrators a clear look at lecture capture usage and student activity.

Echo360, a lecture capture platform, announced the launch of its lecture capture data dashboard designed specifically for administrators. The new data visualization provides administrators with real-time insights into faculty and student usage, improving the reliability and application of lecture capture in and beyond the classroom.

“The coupling of active learning tools with video capture technology is enabling dramatic increases in usage, and capturing unprecedented data to understand teaching and learning behavior and engagement patterns,” said Bradley Fordham, chief technology officer at Echo360. “We are now providing administrators with a streamlined, user-friendly way to see the metrics that matter the most to them, so they can continue to improve the teaching and learning experience before, during, and after each class or instructional session.”

The dashboard makes it possible for administrators to assess the return on investment of lecture capture and active learning at scale, and to plan for expansion. Additional dashboard capabilities include:

  • Data prioritization: The main view of the dashboard enables administrators to choose the metrics that matter most and order them by importance, providing a streamlined and customized view into the most relevant data at a glance.
  • Data filtering: Administrators can also filter usage data by school or program, offering more specific insights into how academic video and student engagement tools are being used across the institution.
  • Cards: Each key metric is presented to administrators with an up-to-date status on an easy to read card. This solves the problems for each specific metric of having to sort through unrelated information or large volumes of historical data to understand current engagement and usage.
  • Detail view: Administrators have the option to get a detailed view of each metric, broken down to help them understand how the system arrived at the current state, and can be filtered for more precise presentations.
  • Data export: Administrators have the ability to easily export complete or filtered data for offline analysis and review.

The new data dashboard is available later this month. To learn more, visit

Material from a press release was used in this report.

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