Is innovation severely lacking in online education?

A new survey tracks online education's growth, along with technology innovations.

Online education programs are seeing steady growth, though lower tuition and the use of innovative technologies and tools seem to be lagging, according to the Changing Landscape of Online Education (CHLOE).

CHLOE is a new survey of chief online officers at community colleges and four-year public and private nonprofit institutions and focuses on the management of online education as it becomes more mainstream at U.S. institutions.

The emergence of the chief online officer position at many institutions is strong evidence that online education is becoming more mainstream, and the CHLOE survey draws upon feedback from 104 chief online officer responses to inform its report on current online education trends, including resource allocation, emerging tools, instructional innovations, and more.

Fully-online education enrollment is growing strongly in the U.S., especially at the graduate level. This growth prompts more institutions to launch online education programs, and the CHLOE survey plans to track this program growth and policy in the coming years.

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Laura Ascione

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