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5 pressing topics on IT leaders’ minds

IT leaders at higher-ed institutions address issues of talent management and IT department presence.

On any given day, higher-ed IT leaders are faced with myriad challenges, urgent needs, and new projects.

IT leaders also are faced with how to best staff their departments and how to ensure they are meeting their institutions’ vast needs.

During a client summit from TeamDynamix, a panel of higher-education IT leaders, moderated by futurist Ian Khan, came together during to talk about some of the biggest issues and challenges facing IT departments on today’s college and university campuses.

Following are some of the topics they tackled during their discussion:

1. Resource optimization and talent management are often cited as top issues facing higher-ed IT teams. How do IT leaders build a high-performance team–are there metrics you use, traits you look for, and how is technology helping you optimize this?

“When we look to fill positions or create new areas, what are some of the institutional qualities we’re trying to meet?” asked Param Bedi, CIO at Bucknell University. “In the last 14 months I’ve hired several higher-level positions and none have higher education experience. That’s been helpful to us, thinking differently. The staff that have come are bringing unique perspectives to the team, that are challenging how we do things. They’re helping us grow–they’re learning from us and we’re learning from them. We also look at institutional priorities we try to meet, and how we as a team move those initiatives forward.”

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Laura Ascione