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Why do college students have 6th-grade writing skills?

Communication and writing skills are severely lacking for many students, according to a new analysis.

Clear and effective communication skills, including writing skills, are among the most-desired job skills articulated by employers seeking qualified job candidates. But what happens when college graduates write at a middle school level?

The importance of developing strong writing skills, and a noticeable decline in those skills, are not new issues. For more than a decade, studies have observed that students are deficient in effective oral and written communication skills, they have documented companies’ struggles to find job applicants with acceptable writing skills, and they have pointed out students’ inability to score at proficient levels when it comes to literacy.

A team from StudySoup, a peer-to-peer learning marketplace, set out to measure the effectiveness of students’ writing skills at institutions across the county. The results are described in a StudySoup blog post.

The team used the Hemingway app to analyze hundreds of written documents submitted to the StudySoup marketplace to gauge students’ writing levels.

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Laura Ascione