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20 essential apps to include in online courses

Online learning apps are broken down into specific categories to maximize production and streamline online communication.

Technology and its potential to simplify life for its users can be a beautiful thing, which can be seen in the example of providing online learning for students. But, unless you have the right technology to streamline tasks and aid in learning, going online for education can also be a nightmare.

From attending class to talking with peers and professors, and from going to the local bookstore to having everything on a laptop in a dorm room, students on campus typically have a more “organic” learning experience than an online student who may not know how to best access these features of a higher education in an entirely mobile setting.

According to U.S. News & World Report, the average online student often takes online courses due to an already hectic life. Luckily, “there is no shortage of mobile apps that can help online students stay productive.”

Unfortunately, app lists can often seem a bit jumbled with no clear explanation of why the apps are important or for what purpose they ultimately serve. In this eCampus News curated list, we aim to categorize these aggregated apps into the meaningful requirements expected of most online learning students.

We also urge online learning providers, faculty, and administration to not only organize their online aids and resources for their students, but perhaps use some of the over 20 apps listed below.

Know of any great online learning apps to help students, faculty or admin? Did we miss any for online students? Let us know in the comment section below!

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