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Faculty: 6 social assignments for online students

A handful of customizable online assignment ideas that will keep online students interested and motivated in their work.

4. The One-Minute Paper Online Assignment

Tell your students to get ready, because this one needs all their attention. A one-minute paper is an assignment that could be used in an online class to evaluate the knowledge obtained by the students from a specific resource in less than five minutes. For example, ask your students to complete this assignment right after they have finished a learning session to discover whether they paid attention. Set an online timer to one minute and make sure that the assignment window does not allow the student to make changes after the time has passed.

5. The Peer Feedback Online Assignment

Peer review and feedback asks a peer to provide comments on student work, but it’s up to the teacher to instruct students how to make the feedback professional and objective. This assignment allows the students to develop critical thinking skills and provide needed help for those who struggle with their work. Peer feedback can be provided on a monthly basis, whether publicly or privately.

6. The Group Activity Online Assignment

Given that the sense of community should be nurtured in online learning groups as well, online faculty should consider using collective activities in class. According to Kevin Blanchard, a supervisor, this will help students exchange and discuss their ideas without having to gather.

This activity can be assigned as follows: select a resource that can be used for discussion, such as an article or video, and instruct the students to have a discussion of the concepts and themes found in the resource. If necessary, make at least one discussion post mandatory for each student to ensure that everybody participates in the board.

In conclusion, online learning has been proven as a reliable method of educating students without having to attend classes in a traditional classroom. However, lack of face-to-face interaction does not mean that the classes should be boring—there is a wide range of engaging projects that can be implemented in your distance learning practice.

As an additional resource, the edtech development discussed at college papers blog opens new horizons in online education. Use them in your online classroom to make students more engaged, motivated, and happy with the course.

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