6 inspiring must-see higher-ed TED Talks

Most everyone knows what TED Talks are. The talks are so popular that many cities, including colleges and universities, host their own TED conferences and education talks. TED…

Big shakeup: Universities weaving this field into most campus departments

The significant sustainability issues of our day present some of the greatest challenges for the next generation. Indeed, the world ... Read more

How Purdue blew fundraising records out of the water-in 1 day

funding save money colleges tech
Purdue University is a large research university based in West Lafayette, Indiana, and each year we host a fundraiser called Purdue Day of Giving. The event invites the…

Why do college students have 6th-grade writing skills?

writing skills
Clear and effective communication skills, including writing skills, are among the most-desired job skills articulated by employers seeking qualified job candidates. But what happens when college graduates write…

Are computer science students more prone to cheating?

computer science
As interest in computer science grows, thanks to a thriving tech and start-up industry and due to encouragement from successful entrepreneurs and celebrities, so, too, does the potential…

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