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This technology will dominate higher ed within 5 years

What students and higher ed educators can expect from the changing digital landscape of higher ed: Then vs. now vs. 5 years from now.

5 years: A Surge in Artificial Intelligence

We are coming to a tipping point for broad adoption of digital strategies, both on the digital learning and administrative sides of the fence. Unfortunately, the majority of campuses still use student management systems that are on average 13 years or older. Piecemeal updates and patches have worked for a while to keep these technologies running over the last decade, but an explosion in new technological advancements will soon make these technologies obsolete, if they are not already.

Predictive analytics, machine learning, chatbots and augmented reality have the ability to bring us into a completely new era of digital learning. In order for higher ed institutions to truly embrace these possibilities, advancements must encompass both student learning and student administrative functionalities.

Big data and predictive analytics can help us understand how well students are learning and performing, and when implemented properly, can be used to modify and tailor curriculums to meet the unique needs of each individual student. Chatbots will be able to prompt students to meet with advisors, help navigate the complicated financial aid process and identify and apply for relevant grants or financial aid.

Course and major requirement dashboards will track a student’s progress and point them to the classes needed to complete their major on time–and can help advisors to preemptively determine which students are at risk of dropping out.

Augmented reality applications, coupled with chatbots will provide students with a virtual tour of their new institution, and help them navigate to their classes on their first days on campus. For administrators and student mentors, this will mean more time freed up for mentoring students toward success, as self-driving solutions will take care time consuming tasks such as scheduling meetings, filling out forms, and sending out reminders.

The possibilities are endless, and we have the technology to get us there. The next few years will be an exciting time for students and universities alike, and you can absolutely expect to see a great number of digital transformations and advancements in the coming months and years.

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