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Want an inclusive student experience? Yes, there’s a campus app for that

How can modern institutions implement strategies that support student engagement, retention and success, especially for low-income and minority students?

Challenge 2: High Number of Students on Financial Aid

Approximately 68 percent of undergraduate students at UTSA receive financial aid. As payment schedules and deadlines can be difficult for busy students to stay ahead of, providing easy access to this information is critical to enrollment. By natively integrating its student information system (SIS) into their campus mobile app, rather than just incorporating links to web pages that aren’t mobile-friendly, UTSA is improving the way students access their personal financial aid information on their mobile device. This empowers students to view account balances, charges and make payments, as well as receive alerts when payments are due, ensuring that their account is never put on hold.


Challenge 3: Promoting Inclusion

In addition to academic and account information, UTSA’s mobile app also ensures that all students have access to campus resources, including campus life information, directory of faculty and staff, maps, library and listing of open computers in the computer lab. Additionally, the app also features a listing of on-campus events—such as the Latino and Black Heritage Annual Banquets, Asian Festival and Annual Cultural Fair—which creates a sense of belonging and in turn keeps students invested in the university. The app is also compatible with most languages, ensuring UTSA is communicating with students in the language they prefer.

Effective communication is key to keeping today’s diverse, mobile-first students engaged. As higher education institutions continue to focus on boosting graduation rates for all students, a robust mobile strategy is quickly becoming the mainstay to increasing engagement and promoting an inclusive student experience.

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