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3 ways new-to-online students can thrive with virtual learning

How can students best approach virtual learning if they never have before?

2. Review digital practice tests or flashcards on the go

Having study material accessible right on your smartphone has never been easier. Whether students upload study guides, a customized practice test, or digital flashcards, they’ve got powerful test prep tools right at their fingertips.

Rather than just letting these advanced resources sit by the wayside, students should recognize how even 10 minutes of looking at these study aids on the bus ride to school can boost their success. Get comfortable with the idea that studying doesn’t always need to be a lengthy, sit-down process—while students certainly need those more intensive study sessions as well, adding a few quick reviews as they go about their daily routine can only help.

Moreover, students could save multiple sets of flashcards for various subjects and tests, allowing them to study for multiple subjects at once and also hold onto sets of flashcards as they make and use them—which means at the end of the year, they’ll have the ultimate test prep tool for final exams.


3. Work with a virtual tutor

Nowadays, one-on-one instruction doesn’t have to be in person. If a student feels that he or she would benefit from some extra assistance, consider online tutoring. This means students could work with a tutor who is specifically matched for their academic needs, regardless of geographic limits.This can be especially beneficial to students with a tight schedule, or those who would like to easily share the aforementioned digital resources with their instructor.

To ensure a better experience, students should remember to complete their tutor’s assignments on a timely basis and keep in consistent communication with him or her. Maintaining a shared calendar can be helpful in keeping track of work and due dates, as well as tutoring sessions. As with an in-person tutor, students should be sure to ask lots of questions, pay attention, and take good notes when working with him or her.

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