6. Trusting Relationships

Earning trust is very important as a leader. Make sure to build great relationships with those you work with.

7. Take Risks

Make sure that your staff knows that you trust them, and let go of the top-down methodology that may be in place at your office.

8. Accept Failure

This seems fairly self-explanatory, right? Understand that your staff is human and use it as a teaching moment. Or, as Jorstad puts it, “celebrate it.”

9. Be Empathetic

Again, fairly self-explanatory. Remember that your staff are all individual people first, and sometimes they might just need a little understanding.

10. Empower Your Staff

Applaud their greatness; use their failure to discuss how to better do something in the future; make sure your new staff member isn’t just thrown to the wolves.

About the Author:

Korey Pimental is a writer for Optimal Partners.

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