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Students develop game-changing software for football teams

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It’s first and goal for Eric Wilson, a senior at Saint Anselm College who, with his business partner, has developed software that could revolutionize the way football teams are coached and practice plays. The technology, “MentalRep,” from Eric Wilson, a computer science business major from Dover, N.H., and Harris Williams, a Boston College graduate from Lynn, Mass., turns a coach’s two-dimensional playbook with its X’s, O’s and arrows into an interactive video-based simulation; a game-like bird’s-eye-view animation that replicates teams on the field, complete with team colors and player numbers. Read more.

Leveraging the immense popularity of the hit movie “Hidden Figures,” the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) has launched a nationwide campaign titled #BlackSTEMLikeMe. This unique multimedia initiative is aiming to encourage black students and professionals in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to share their stories and passions; bring visibility to the important work they are doing; show black boys and girls that a future in STEM is an incredible and attainable career path; demonstrate the value of NSBE membership and celebrate the unique, wonderful and life-changing aspects of the African-American community — past and present. Read more.

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Laura Ascione