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How is eTextbook use shaping up across the globe?

A study of UK eTextbook use reveals satisfaction despite uneven adoption.

Students have high expectations for their learning as they head off to four-year institutions, and rightly so–why would they want how they use technology for learning to be years behind how they use technology in their personal lives?

A recent survey gauges student satisfaction with the digital programs, focusing specifically on eTextbook programs, offered by universities in the United Kingdom, and reveals that progress is happening, despite barriers.

The survey from VitalSource, conducted by Shift Media, surveyed 866 students from 131 institutions and assesses engagement with eTextbooks. It also identifies various institutional practices and student behaviors that correlate with high student satisfaction levels.

Students generally had positive responses about their eTextbook experiences, but the study also found fundamental differences and key factors that influenced student engagement and outcomes. Those key factors include training, integration into curriculum, and functionality.

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Laura Ascione

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