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NYC Data Science Academy unviels remote Data Science Bootcamp

Remote Data Science Bootcamp from the NYC Data Science Academy aims to provide a complete data science curriculum, community support and job placement assistance for anyone in the world with an internet connection who wants to become a data scientist.

The NYC Data Science Academy (NYCDSA), regarded as one of the top data science bootcamps in the US, has announced a new online education program called Remote Data Science Bootcamp. The full or part-time program offers a complete and comprehensive data science curriculum, interaction with peers and faculty, and job placement assistance for students anywhere in the world with an internet connection who wants to become a data scientist.

The Remote Data Science Bootcamp was created to improve upon existing online data science courses by offering all of the resources and benefits of a professional, full-time, and expert data science bootcamp to students online.  The course is setup as an online extension of the NYC Data Science Academy and has all of the benefits of their traditional, in-person bootcamp, including:

  • A Complete Course Curriculum – The NYC Data Science Academy bootcamp is renowned for the depth and breadth of their curriculum, the richness of the lectures in both programming and statistics, and for its demanding nature. The Remote Data Science Bootcamp starts with basic programming and data analysis with R and Python and then transitions to machine learning and big data techniques. As students master these subjects you will create five real-world data science projects that demonstrate your knowledge and skills of these topics.  Examples of past and current student projects:
  • Group work and community support – A large portion of the curriculum involves group projects and peer programming. Students collaborate with their classmates on projects and share knowledge via online chat and community channels, allowing them to check and learn from each other’s code and build team skills needed in a real working environment The Remote Bootcamp is built as a collaborative environment utilizing online chat and meeting systems so students get their questions answered immediately by instructors and TA’s. Students also have the opportunity to collaborate on homework, projects, job applications, interview preparation, paired programming, and even further through our extended alumni community.
  • Job Placement Assistance – Over 90% of NYCDSA students get a job within 6 months of graduation.  Each student receives one-on-one support with job searching and access to all kinds of job assistance resources, including:
    • Resume and LinkedIn profile review, interview skills & elevator pitch workshops
    • Mock technical interviews and coding tasks
    • One-on-One post-interview review and follow-up
    • In-class Industry Experts speaker series
    • Hiring partner event series, including student presentations and hiring partner networking events
    • Real-world consulting project opportunities offered by hiring companies
    • Access to post-graduation resources
  • One-on-One Work with a Mentor – Teaching assistants are available to work with answer questions and work with students via 1­on­1 appointments and through the online help desk.

Assignments and projects are completed online using an all-in-one autograding platform. The autograder supports multiple languages, including R, Python, MySQL, and Bash. Online students also have access to a dynamic set of exercises, datasets, and resources without leaving the workspace. Error­ highlighting and auto completion make it easier to correct code and avoid misspellings.

To ensure student success, Remote Data Science Bootcamp emphasizes course dedication and student engagement.   Students are expected to dedicate themselves fully to the program and fulfil all of the requirements, which include completing lecture videos, daily homework, and five student projects – ensuring that students achieve a very high level of proficiency.

The typical NYCDSA student has a technical background in engineering, finance, science, or business. Half the attendees have a Masters in one of those fields, a third have a PhD, and the remaining students have a bachelor’s degree.

Remote Data Science Bootcamp is a full-time program that takes 12 weeks to complete. Part-time or flexible learning options are also available that enable the program to be completed in 4, 6 or 10 months.  The program costs $16,000 and financing options through Skills Fund are available.

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