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UCLA launches career coaching for alumni, continuing education students

New partnership with InsideTrack connects alumni and Extension students with professional coaching and personalized support

The University of California, Los Angeles announced the launch of a joint partnership between UCLA Extension, UCLA Alumni Affairs, and the UCLA Career Center to deliver individualized and customized online career coaching to all UCLA alumni and all UCLA Extension students and alumni through InsideTrack, the nation’s leading provider of student success coaching.

Participants in this new venture can select from three affordable subscription options that offer various levels of access to InsideTrack support resources, such as one-on-one meetings with a professional career coach; templates and tools to help create a career search plan; live workshops that teach the skills employers are looking for; and/or video tutorials offering job-search and career-development advice. All coaching components are available online anytime, anywhere through Inside Track’s uCoach® web and mobile platforms via

In a joint statement following the launch, Wayne Smutz, Dean of UCLA Extension, Angela Scales, Senior Director of Bruin Connections at UCLA Alumni Affairs, and Wesley Thorne, Director of the UCLA Career Center recognized the need both to prepare graduates and working adult learners for long-term career success in today’s competitive, rapidly changing labor market and to respond to top employers’ expectations for career readiness and outcomes. “UCLA alumni and Extension students expect access to first-rate professional development solutions. We are committed to providing our graduates and continuing education students with the support they need to thrive in fulfilling careers, and are excited to leverage the success of InsideTrack as a critical partner in helping us honor that commitment.”

Since 2001, InsideTrack has provided high-quality coaching to more than 1.3 million students/alumni at more than 1,600 academic programs nationwide, with a strong track record of improving outcomes and performance. In a recent survey of continuing education students using the organization’s Career Coaching at a leading continuing and professional studies institution, 95 percent agreed that it helped them make progress toward their career goals.

“Leading institutions appreciate their role in providing lifelong learning opportunities for their alumni,” said Carrie Lockhert, Associate Vice President of Client Partnerships at InsideTrack. “Through its strong emphasis on career preparation and continuing education, UCLA offers an outstanding model for others to follow. We are excited to be working with UCLA to equip their graduates and continuing education students with the skills and support they need to lead meaningful, choice-filled lives.”

Students enrolled in all of UCLA’s traditional undergraduate and graduate degree programs will continue to have access to the full array of career services—career advising, programming, and career fairs—offered through the UCLA Career Center.

Laura Ascione