Skills-based learning education platform partners with major universities

Trilogy Education Services partners with University of California, Berkeley Extension to launch coding boot camp

Trilogy Education Services, the education platform that powers skills-based technology programs for colleges and universities, announces today that it has partnered with University of California, Berkeley Extension to launch a 24 week web-development program geared towards adult learners and part-time students.  This brings the total number of university partnerships to twelve, as Trilogy continues to expand its nationwide reach in preparing students for high-growth careers in the digital economy.

Throughout the digital economy, coding skills are increasingly in demand across a broad range of careers, including data analytics, marketing, engineering, scientific research and design.   As noted by job market analytics firm, Burning Glass, 7 million job openings in 2015 required coding skills with programming jobs growing 12 percent faster than the market average.  As web development continues to become a new basic literacy, Trilogy empowers top-tier universities to unlock each student’s career potential by providing technology training for those most in-demand skills.

“We look forward to partnering with Berkeley to prepare students for high growth careers in web development, software engineering and architectures”, said Dan Sommer, CEO and Founder of Trilogy.  “Job opportunities in these areas are growing at a disproportionate rate to the rest of the market, and it is our mission to make this highly sought after skill set accessible to professionals across the country.  We are grateful to partners like UC Berkeley Extension for joining us in that effort.”

The Berkeley Coding Boot Camp curriculum will cover the basics of coding, algorithms, and data structures as well as intensive training in JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Python, and more. Students also receive in-depth career-planning services, portfolio reviews, demo days, recruiting assistance, and extensive staff support. The Boot Camp leverages UC Berkeley Extension’s expertise in continuing education and Trilogy’s proven model of a university-run, student-tested curriculum, which is developed in connection with the Trilogy employer network.  As a result, students are learning the most highly sought after skills at any given moment, modified for the Bay Area regional markets.

“We continue to see a growing demand for web development skills among Northern California employers,” says Diana Wu, Dean of UC Berkeley Extension  “Through our partnership with Trilogy, we are empowering students to learn the business and technology aspects of coding.   Our coding bootcamp will open the doors to students who want to rapidly make a career jump by developing a highly sought after skill set.”

About Trilogy Education: Trilogy is an education platform that powers skills-based technology programs for colleges and universities. Trilogy empowers universities to unlock each student’s career potential through skills-based programs that are university-run, student-tested, and employer approved.

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