Extreme launches Wave2 wireless AP with integrated surveillance camera to deliver enhanced visibility and control

Convergence of wireless LAN APs and IP cameras to provide better mobility, lower cost and increased security for customers

At EDUCAUSE, Extreme Networks, Inc. introduced what it says is the industry’s first Wave2 integrated camera access point (AP) as part of the ExtremeWirelessTM portfolio.

The AP3916i, an 802.11ac Wave2 AP with an integrated high-definition camera, offers significant cost savings and unified management when compared to traditional surveillance camera solutions.

Extreme is also introducing the AP3912i, a new 802.11ac Wave2 wall plate AP that provides unified wired and wireless connectivity, seamless control over connected devices and ease-of-use with its simple plug-and-play installation model. Both of the new access points support Extreme’s unique flow-based capabilities, providing embedded application analytics and control.

The 3916i and 3912i access points complement Extreme’s software-driven vision to help customers address the surge in connected devices and growing demand for network connectivity. While business critical networks remain focused on device onboarding and high-performance connectivity, many organizations haven’t begun planning for the Internet of Things (IoT). According to a recent survey conducted by Extreme, video surveillance, physical access control and PoE lighting systems are the top smart building IoT devices that concern customers who are without unified wired and wireless management. With the foundation of Extreme’s unified solution, customers can have complete visibility, control and analytics for every device type with new and expanded capabilities to handle smart building IoT devices.

Extreme’s new access points match the growing needs of many enterprise environments including K-12, higher education, healthcare and hospitality.

Key Features
• New Access Points Solutions
o 3916i – Integrated camera access point with dual 802.11ac Wave2 2×2 radios
o 3912i – Wall plate access point with integrated LAN and PoE ports
• Flow-Based APs with Layer 7 Policy – An industry-first, Extreme’s flow-based APs provide granular security, visibility and control over users, devices and data flowing across the network without sacrificing throughput performance. Extreme’s Layer 2 through 7 centralized visibility and control software allows IT to create contextual based policies right at the AP. This allows IT to segment IoT devices, applications and data from their business users, devices and applications, thereby securing the business network from the IoT.
• Radio and Bluetooth Capabilities – Each AP includes 3 radios for 2.4GHz, 5GHz supporting 802.11ac Wave2 and a separate radio that supports BLE or ZigBee to support gateway communication functions between networks.
• Cost Savings – AP3916i High-Definition Camera Access Point reduces costs in cabling infrastructure as compared to typical video surveillance deployments while AP3912i Wall Plate Access Point can be installed into an existing Ethernet wall plate.
• Management Flexibility – These new access points can be seamlessly managed via ExtremeCloud™ or traditional on-premise management to provide unmatched application visibility and control. This eliminates architecture lock-in and allows customers to move from cloud to on-premise (or vice versa) without expensive hardware and software rip-and-replace.

Executive Perspectives

Mike Leibovitz, Director of Product Strategy, Extreme Networks
“We’re excited to bring the industry’s first Wave2 camera AP to our customers and help them easily manage the continued surge in connected devices for the enterprise campus market. As a leader in the wired, wireless and software markets, our focus is to provide best-in-class, innovative wireless solutions that make networking easier and more secure for enterprises looking to shift to smart buildings.”

Craig Mathias, Principal, Farpoint Group
“Extreme is once again taking a leadership position with yet another smack-yourself-in-the-forehead innovation, a high-definition camera built directly into an IEEE 802.11ac Wave-2 access point. Since cameras and APs have similar placing and mounting requirements, and since cameras increasingly depend upon Wi-Fi infrastructure for connectivity, this combination simplifies life for network planners and installation staffs alike, making it astonishingly easy to add live video monitoring as part of a Wave-2 upgrade or new deployment.”

Robert R. MacGregor, Director – Infrastructure Technology, Massachusetts Maritime Academy
“The wall plate access points are ideal to extend coverage into dormitory spaces with difficult geometries to cover with the standard ceiling mount APs. Also, the additional LAN ports are key for cost savings in situations where we would have to buy additional switch gear for the IDFs to cover the hard wired needs in the dorms. The wall plate access points were very easy to install and through the reuse of existing Ethernet drops we save both time and money.”

Richard Hazlett Jr., IT Services, Saint Francis University
“We really liked the new Extreme Networks AP3912i Wall plate access points (APs). The APs were very easy to install, in fact we gave them to our work-study students who installed them on their own and had them up and running within minutes. Our students also really liked the capability to plug in game consoles, televisions or desktop computers into one of the supplied LAN ports. We are installing these APs into our dorm rooms and the fact that they just plug into the existing Ethernet cabling saves us money, time and effort and eliminates the need to pull cable to provide an extra run for the AP inside of the room. This is a robust and complete enterprise solution with integrated policy and application controls delivered in an attractive package, and one aimed at solving the dorm life wireless issues many campuses face!”

Laura Ascione