Barnes & Noble Education announces advanced OER courseware

New offering is a turnkey solution for colleges and universities seeking to improve learning outcomes, affordability and accessibility

Barnes & Noble Education, Inc., a contract operator of bookstores on college and university campuses across the United States and a provider of digital education services, announced the launch of Barnes & Noble Education Courseware to make it easier for faculty to use Open Educational Resources (OER).

The launch furthers the Company’s dedication to ensuring access to the most affordable course materials, and driving positive student outcomes at colleges and universities nationwide.

By building Courseware on a foundation of high quality OER, including OpenStax, Barnes & Noble Education has created quality digital course materials that will result in a significant reduction of cost for students, easier implementation for faculty, and ultimately result in better learning outcomes.

“Open educational resources are a cost-effective solution for today’s educators, but according to our research, less than five percent of faculty adopt them, primarily due to effort required to assemble the right materials for the first day of class,” said Kanuj Malhotra, Chief Operating Officer, Digital Education. “BNED Courseware enables faculty to get started in minutes, easily add, delete or adapt content to match their syllabi and conveniently access on-campus support.”

The launch features 10 general education courses, including sociology, psychology and economics, which can be purchased securely through one of the Company’s 770 Barnes & Noble College campus bookstores. In addition to the digital Courseware, a print companion will be made available so students can learn in the format best suited for their needs. Faculty can continue to consult with campus bookstore staff to ensure students have access to their materials on the first day of class because BNED Courseware will seamlessly integrate into leading learning management systems.

In addition, BNED Courseware provides integrated analytic insights powered by the Company’s LoudCloud platform enabling faculty to help students progress and improve learning outcomes.

Finally, all publishers can take advantage of this next generation learning and analytics platform to provide frictionless delivery of courseware on campus.

“We want to empower educators with the right insights, at the right moments, to help their students succeed,” Mr. Malhotra continued. “Barnes & Noble Education Courseware gives faculty and administrators the tools to improve personalized learning and retention at a significantly lower cost to students, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to driving student success at each campus we serve.”

The company has received positive feedback from faculty after launching pilot programs at a mix of dynamic colleges and universities, including the Pennsylvania State University, Cuyahoga Community College and West Liberty State College, and is now available for colleges and universities to adopt for the Spring of 2017.


Laura Ascione

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