Motivis Learning launches holistic education technology platform

Motivis’ Learning Relationship Management (LRM) solution integrates learning management system, social networking and communications with SIS into platform designed for student-centered learning.

With the aim of answering the call of thousands of K-12, higher education and continuing education institutions for a learning platform built from the ground up for personalized, student-centered, and competency-based education (CBE), Motivis Learning introduced its new Learning Relationship Management (LRM) System, a next generation, cloud-based software platform for educational institutions – students, teachers, administrators and alumni.

The Motivis LRM is a holistic learning environment that fully-integrates Motivis’ Learning Management System (LMS), campus community system, coaching and advising platform and student information functions. Motivis Learning has combined all four systems – typically thought of as isolated education technology systems – into one seamless platform that is powered by Salesforce CRM, says the company.

“Developing a comprehensive teaching and learning platform for competency-based and other student-centric education models is not a one size fits all proposition,” said Motivis Learning CEO Brian Peddle. “Every education institution approaches outcomes-based learning differently. We spent the past two years working with seven design partners – different higher education institutions who each had their own implementation requirements – to ensure that the new Motivis Learning LRM solution was designed to support multiple models of education, as well as allow for more traditional institutions to experiment with new models without being confined to legacy systems.”

The Motivis Learning LRM System was designed and built by technologists with decades of experience in education and pedagogy. The evolved LRM platform includes:

  • Student-centric design fundamentally geared towards transparency around competencies and assessment
  • Flexible curriculum creation for multi-tiered personalized and competency-based programs. Educators can create competency and sub-competency collections per program and tie mastery to assignment deliverables
  • Support for multiple roles for a single user; users can be curriculum designers at the same time they are an educator or student
  • Gradebook that illustrates a holistic view of students’ progress for assignments or towards mastering competencies and performance indicators
  • Social networking tool that allows institutions to create a private branded community for their campus to connect and collaborate. Combine the social front-end with Salesforce’s big data back-end to open new opportunities for student reporting
  • A student information bridge where administrators can track every student’s learning journey – from applicant to student to alumni and beyond – from one centralized record

“As our college and many others in the nation look to address the skills gap between higher education and the workforce, and as competency-based education appears more and more to be the clear curriculum that best prepares college graduates, we needed a system that was designed with that flexibility in mind,” said Ron Skallerud, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Nicolet College. “Motivis Learning was the clear leader in this area and it has these foundations in its DNA. We are excited to be working as partners with them on this front.”

Motivis Learning’s new platform addresses the paradigm shift to competency-based education in the US market. As reported by Inside Higher Ed, last year there were 52 colleges and universities implementing competency models across the country. This year, there are over 600 schools working to make the move to competency based education: almost a 12,000% increase in a single year. That number is anticipated to grow as more universities work to bridge the gap between education and the successful transition to career. Motivis LRM is designed for CBE programs and works with direct assessment as well as traditional course/credit hour-based programs.

“When we learned about Motivis we were already in search of a holistic database, data management, and customer management solution that could integrate with a Learning Management System. On top of that, the fact that we could get our learning platform built on top of Salesforce, a powerful and flexible CRM, really sold us,” said Nate McClennen, Vice President of Education and Innovation at Teton Science Schools. “The fact that they were building a student-centered system from the ground up, and not modifying a traditional system to fit into a outcomes-based model, was also key for us.”

As Motivis continues to enhance the LRM, it will increasingly leverage machine learning to develop cognitive augmentation tools, helping students and educators engage in truly personalized learning experiences and creating a powerful suite of tools to drive student success and degree completion.

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