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These are the top 50 MOOCs

A ranking website curated the top 50 MOOCs based on student reviews

Of the top 50 MOOCs, the No. 1 spot belongs to a computer science course–an introduction to interactive programming in Python, to be exact.

The list from Class Central ranks MOOCs based on thousands of reviews written by Class Central users, Dhawal Shah noted in a blog post. The rankings will be updated as reviews increase and change.

“In providing a small but well-reviewed list of courses, our hope is that new learners will not be overwhelmed when entering the MOOC space. Reviews will help new learners figure out if a course is right for them, and they will have a great first experience,” Shah noted.

A few notes about the list:
1. Coursera is the top provider with 26 courses in the Top 50, and edX is second with 10 courses
2, Stanford tops the list of universities present in the Top 50 with five of their courses making it in, and MIT comes in second with three courses
3. the list includes courses from 34 universities, of which 21 universities are in the US
4. UIUC’s Aric Rindfleisch has two courses in the top 50

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Laura Ascione

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