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Got content? This new online community does

Site will allow instructors to download, post, modify materials for free textbooks

Rice University-based publisher OpenStax is partnering with OER Commons to create new online community hubs where instructors can freely share and modify syllabuses, homework, study guides and other open-copyright course materials that are made specifically for each of the free textbooks in OpenStax’s growing catalog.

More than 1.5 million college students have used books from OpenStax, which will save college students an estimated $70 million during the 2016-17 academic year.

OER Commons, operated by the nonprofit Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME), is a digital public library offering tools for collaboration, sharing and remixing openly licensed course materials.

Serving more than 5 million users, OER Commons is curated by full-time librarians and features tools for evaluation, quality review and improvement of high-quality resources.

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Laura Ascione