Partnership will integrate Moodle into OneCampus portal

Open-source LMS is easily accessible from OneCampus Service Discovery Portal

rSmart, developer of the OneCampus solution for higher education, announced a partnership with eThink Education, a rapidly growing Certified Partner of the open-source Moodle learning management system (LMS). The collaboration allows rSmart to provide its portal solution to assist eThink’s clients in finding and discovering campus services.

“Outdated legacy campus portals just became even more irrelevant, thanks to this partnership. Working with eThink, we can now provide our mutual customers with a unique, integrated solution that offers a search tool for navigating campus services including Moodle by eThink,” said rSmart CEO Tony Potts. “By integrating the LMS, OneCampus provides easy access to important student information, through one location, and from any device. It’s truly search, click, done.”

Unlike traditional portals, OneCampus provides colleges and universities with an innovative solution for organizing their web-based services, giving students, faculty and staff swifter access to campus services such as grades, student services, calendars, housing info, curriculum resources, tutoring services, and much more.

rSmart also offers the service discovery portal for K12 schools and districts, giving parents, teachers and staff an organized and easy-to-use platform for finding student information, with deep links to school services and popular district programs such as an LMS, SIS or finance system.

OneCampus connects with an institution’s campus authentication system and sits atop of existing systems, directing users to disparate services through a centralized point without affecting the underlying business units or processes. As a result, implementation of the system is fast and easy, saving campuses valuable time and money.

“At eThink we strive to offer our clients the newest, most useful tools to enhance their Moodle experience. We are thrilled to partner with rSmart to bring their innovative portal to our rapidly growing community of educators and learners,” said Brian Carlson, Co-Founder and CEO of eThink Education. “We have a reputation of providing the highest level of customer service in the industry, and connecting our customers with creative technologies such as rSmart’s OneCampus portal is another way we can be a resource to our valued customer base.”


Laura Ascione