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Can digital learning solve higher education’s problems?

A new survey reveals whether the digital shift has potential to be a silver bullet

A shift to digital learning is important when it comes to solving long-standing problems in the higher education system, according to surveyed higher education faculty.

Pearson‘s “Digital appetite vs. what’s on the table: Student attitudes toward digital course materials in 2016” surveyed learners, educators and administrators to gauge their opinions about digital course materials and digital learning strategies.

The survey revealed that educators see benefits for their students who have shifted to digital course materials.

Seventy-eight percent of surveyed educators reported that their students benefit from a growing role of digital in the classroom. They don’t only see benefits for students, however. Seventy percent of educators reported that the transition from print to digital is important or very important to them, personally.

Eighty-seven percent of educators and 86 percent of administrators believe digital learning is important in resolving challenges facing the education system, and nearly half say it is “very important.”

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Laura Ascione