CORE Higher Education Group launches competency based education blueprints

Blueprint series will aid with planning, executing, measuring, and scaling student competency assessment infrastructures

CORE Higher Education Group has launched its Competency Based Education (CBE) Blueprint series.

CBE Blueprints aid colleges and universities across the country with planning, executing, measuring, and scaling student competency assessment infrastructures.

“Many programs and institutions are required by their accreditation bodies to account for student competencies. We understand the challenges schools face with the execution of student competency assessment initiatives and CBE programs, and our CBE Blueprints help simplify the process of implementing and adapting to these initiatives,” says Gregory Cianfarani, CEO of CORE Higher Education Group.

CORE developed specific CBE Blueprints for a number of higher education programs, such as pharmacy schools, law schools, nursing schools, occupational therapy programs, colleges of education, and more. Each Blueprint provides a detailed, 12-step process to starting a student competency assessment program, and includes 19 templates and checklists.

CORE is providing the CBE Blueprints in conjunction with their software, CORE CompMS. CORE’s CompMS application, a Competency Based Management System, is a technology platform for detailed student competency documentation and tracking, curriculum mapping, and course evaluations.

Laura Ascione