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Rutgers U., Volute to launch ‘composable learning’ tools

Partnership will bring to market a new category of digital tools to transform the development and delivery of educational services

Rutgers’ Center for Online & Hybrid Learning and Instructional Technologies (COHLIT) is working with Volute to launch the Volute Marketplace. The Volute Marketplace is a new sharing economy model for universities allowing them to bundle personalized educational solutions by combining web components called Volute Apps. Volute has coined this concept Composable Education.

“We are always looking for technology that improves our ability to aggregate and associate information in meaningful and specialized ways,” says Richard Novak, Vice President of Continuing Studies. “The partnership with Volute allows us to create custom digital environments that support the end-to-end innovation of our services.”

Rutgers is creating a package of Volute Apps that include advanced Learning Management System (LMS), Online Program Management (OPM) and administrative tools. This package will be available via the Volute Marketplace for all Volutes’ university members.

Rutgers is planning a phased rollout. Their Volute App package will initially be used as a knowledge management and collaboration environment for faculty and staff. It can then be expanded to include learning solutions for students and alumni throughout the 30 schools at Rutgers University.

Michael Croft, CEO of Volute says, “It’s valuable to have innovative partners willing to push boundaries and provide feedback. Rutgers has helped us explore new ways to implement Composable Education and the sharing economy we are introducing to the higher education market.”

Laura Ascione