University System of Georgia turns to digital portfolios to close skills gap

Portfolium has partnered with the University System of Georgia (USG), the 5th largest university system in the United States, to help 318,027 students and millions of alumni at 29 campuses get hired by exposing hidden skills that can’t be gleaned from a resume.

Portfolium’s unique power lies in its ability to translate digital work samples (such as class assignments, presentations, and written reflections) into the language of employment; skills and competencies. With access to previously hidden skills data, employers can make more and better matches between their jobs and qualified students.

This exclusive system-wide agreement gives USG the option to adopt and expand usage of Portfolium’s holistic competency network – a uniquely open platform that powers development and assessment of competencies within the classroom, while also matching learners with employers externally.

Partnership Highlights:
The USG system will make use of LTI integrations between its LMS and Portfolium
The partnership encompasses 3 prominent HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities)
Georgia State University has already successfully launched to its 54k students and 175k alumni

“With 50,000 students and one of the largest populations of low-income students in the country, we have struggled to scale effective career preparation across our student body. Now, we’re using Portfolium to help. We’re employing analytics to link students to careers that match their individual abilities and Portfolium as a platform for students to document their career readiness at scale,” said Dr. Timothy Renick – Vice Provost and VP for Enrollment Management and Student Success.

Laura Ascione