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The Friday 4: Your weekly ed-tech rewind

Catch up on the most compelling higher-ed news stories you may have missed this week

Every Friday, I’ll recap some of the most interesting news and thought-provoking developments from the past week.

I can’t fit all of this week’s news stories here, though, so feel free to browse eCampus News and read up on other news you may have missed.

Part of higher education’s nature is to look for ways to innovate and evolve. This week’s news is all about how higher education is changing to incorporate innovation and trends that can carry learning to the next level.

Read on for more:

Growing eSports niche explores big data and gaming behaviors
University of Nevada, Las Vegas students will be able to explore the eSports phenomena in today’s popular culture through an innovative new fall course from the International Gaming Institute (IGI).
5 ways to practically incorporate virtual reality
Right now, there’s a lot of talk about virtual reality (VR) across many industries, including higher education. Everybody seems to agree that VR is going to have a major impact, but when you ask “When?” the general answer seems to be…soon!
6 reforms that will move “credentialing” away from “learning”
The federal government should adopt policies that separate learning from credentialing to help individuals more effectively demonstrate educational mastery to prospective employers, asserts a tech policy think tank in a new analysis.
7 new standards for excellent online learning leadership
As online learning evolves from amateur experimentation to a mainstream professional entity on campus, new standards for quality online learning leadership are emerging in order to not only sustain these distance programs, but ensure they meet the growing demands of 21st-century academe.

Laura Ascione