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Growing eSports niche explores big data and gaming behaviors

Courses offer insight from game developers, design engineers

University of Nevada, Las Vegas students will be able to explore the eSports phenomena in today’s popular culture through an innovative new fall course from the International Gaming Institute (IGI).

In the eSports Lab, students will explore multiple facets of eSports and produce presentations and business plans relevant to the casino industry. They will learn about the games and genres, synthesize information, and explore opportunities in big data related to gamer and fan behaviors in order to develop strategies for effectively targeting Millennials.

They will work to solve problems that exist in the field, such as how to effectively design competitive events and improve eSports experience models. They will also be expected to apply new and relevant technologies within the specialty as well as develop intellectual property and other innovations related to the overall gaming experience.

“eSports is the hottest topic in every board room on the Strip, particularly with respect to Millennials,” said Robert Rippee, director of the Hospitality Lab and eSports Lab. “What better place to begin the journey to understand its relevance and application to the casino and hospitality industry than right here at UNLV?”

The course will feature guest speakers including game developers, tournament management companies, platform developers, design engineers and architects, compliance and regulatory experts, competition design professionals, and gaming executives. Students will also attend and participate in eSports events.

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Laura Ascione