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CampusBird welcomes Colorado State University to client roster

CSU launches CampusBird with move-in map layer for new students, ADA accessibility, transit and bike routes

CampusBird, provider of an interactive campus map and virtual tour platform for education institutions, today welcomed Colorado State University (CSU) to its growing roster of clients.

Colorado State University in Fort Collins is one of the largest schools in Colorado, enrolling more than 32,000 students. With CampusBird, online visitors can now explore the campuses of CSU through a detailed 3D map and interactive media including video, images, interior layouts, wayfinding routes, and other media.

“We’re very pleased to be working with Colorado State University and to see how their team is already finding innovative ways to use CampusBird for facilities, marketing, wayfinding, transit and other information-sharing needs,” said Gordon Boyes, CEO of concept3D, the developer of CampusBird.

Colorado State University launched its CampusBird in preparation for the 2016/2017 academic year, and has used the interactive map software to create a “Move-In Day” map category, as well as to highlight ADA accessible routes and entrances, sustainability initiatives and bike routes. A link to the Move-In Day map was emailed to all students returning to the residence halls before they arrived. The university also has a number of new buildings and facilities under construction, and is using CampusBird to allow campus map visitors to explore the plans with 3D building renderings, flyovers and video.

“I’ve been working with campus maps for many years. When we found CampusBird, we knew it was the right fit for CSU,” said Martha Coleman, geographer with Facilities Management for Colorado State University. “Students, parents and staff love the 3D map, and the interactive media draws in visitors and gets them exploring the campus. CampusBird is essentially a map-based information hub that any department can use. We also have plans for creating multiple virtual tours that will profile our bike-friendly campus, our history, our sustainability projects and other highlights.”

Explore Colorado State University’s CampusBird Interactive Campus Map at

Laura Ascione