7 new standards for excellent online learning leadership

New report lists the rising expectations for quality online education leadership as it expands to more institutions and courses.

As online learning evolves from amateur experimentation to a mainstream professional entity on campus, new standards for quality online learning leadership are emerging in order to not only sustain these distance programs, but ensure they meet the growing demands of 21st-century academe.

Key Points:

  • The University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) has released a report detailing seven hallmarks of excellence in online leadership.
  • These standards of excellence for online learning leadership are an attempt to articulate those features and principles that will create opportunities for students that “far exceed anything already achieved in higher education, take pedagogy to a new level, and demonstrate the capacity of universities to be an even more vital force in our society,” notes the report.
  • Hallmarks range from advocacy to entrepreneurial initiatives and much more.

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