Barnes & Noble Education extends relationship with OpenStax

Barnes & Noble Education, Inc., a contract operator of bookstores on college and university campuses across the United States and a provider of digital education services, announced it will extend its current relationship with OpenStax, a Rice University-based nonprofit that makes college more accessible for students. Together, the companies will provide greater access to quality, cost-effective course materials and advanced digital solutions.

“Barnes & Noble Education is committed to driving student success, and as a leader in the Open Educational Resources (“OER”) movement, OpenStax demonstrates that same commitment,” said Kanuj Malhotra, Chief Strategy & Development Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Digital Education, Barnes & Noble Education. “As a long-term, trusted partner to colleges and universities across the country, our relationship with OpenStax will allow us to facilitate greater access to high-quality, proven OER content that complements our integrated offering of printed textbooks and digital solutions.”

Barnes & Noble Education will leverage OpenStax content through its learning analytics platform, LoudCloud, making the content not only cost-efficient, but also measurable. By tracking the effectiveness and use of OpenStax materials via the LoudCloud platform to measure learning outcomes, colleges and universities will gain affordable day-one solutions and analytical insights that help to increase student success. Additionally, the Company will offer a wider distribution of OpenStax’s cost-effective learning resources at the more than 750 Barnes & Noble College stores nationwide.

“We have seen the incredible impact that OpenStax has had on the broader educational community recently, and we are pleased to work with such an innovative company,” said Mr. Malhotra. “As we continue to grow our digital solutions, relationships with organizations such as OpenStax uniquely position Barnes & Noble Education’s LoudCloud to act as a complete support system in increasing student success and retention.”

David Harris, editor in chief for OpenStax, said a recent report from the Babson Research Survey Group indicated that OpenStax resources are rapidly becoming standard in introductory college courses in the U.S.

“By partnering with Barnes & Noble Education, we are able to accelerate access for students through its tremendous network of institutions across the nation,” said Harris. “Furthermore, we are particularly interested in evaluating usage metrics related to the OER materials so we can continue to improve learning outcomes.”

Laura Ascione