Absolute detects at-risk data stored on ‘shadow IT’ cloud applications

Absolute, provider of endpoint security and data risk management solutions, introduced functionality that detects data at risk on endpoints associated with cloud storage applications. This new capability allows organizations to remotely secure data stored in the cloud and beyond the corporate network.

Cloud storage applications are often used by employees to store and share corporate data with other employees.

Considered ‘Shadow IT’ by many organizations, this behavior can contravene internal data security policies since the data is hosted outside the corporate network and beyond the reach of IT, making it impossible to monitor and maintain visibility over sensitive information.

With the latest release of Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS), users can determine which cloud applications are being used and what information is being stored, including the discovery of sensitive data using Absolute’s innovative Endpoint Data Discovery capability.

Leveraging Persistence® technology from Absolute, organizations can detect folders on devices associated with cloud storage applications, identify at-risk data such as PHI, PII, payment information or intellectual property, and remotely delete sensitive data – even if an endpoint is off the corporate network.

“Unsanctioned use of cloud storage applications represents a substantial threat to organizations since sensitive material can be transferred within applications where IT has no visibility,” said Christopher Bolin, Chief Product Officer, Absolute. “This reporting capability extends awareness and visibility across all devices and data – including data stored within cloud applications. We will provide our customers with detailed insight to which applications are in use and provide them with the ability to secure and delete sensitive data that’s been stored in this manner.”

These capabilities are available today with the latest version of Absolute DDS. For more details, watch a video about Endpoint Data Discovery or read a white paper which outlines strategies to mitigate the risks of data stored in unauthorized cloud storage applications.

Laura Ascione