Faculty dedicated to helping students learn online are creating robust online environments and high-quality tools to help students succeed in their online learning endeavors.

This year’s Brightspace Excellence Awards, announced at FUSION 2016 by global learning technology provider D2L, recognized the promise of online learning and its ability to connect more and more people to high-quality educational programs.

This year’s crop of winners demonstrated progress and innovation in student and teacher engagement, student retention, and teaching and learning efficiencies that resulted in cost savings.

“This year’s Brightspace Excellence Award winners stand out for their ability to creatively use technology to address some of the most critical challenges facing education today,” said John Baker, President and CEO, D2L. “Students require affordable tuition costs, an engaging learning experience and the most advanced tools to garner the benefits of their education experience. Our award winners have made progress in each of these areas and we couldn’t be more pleased with how they have harnessed and unleashed the power of Brightspace.”

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