Penn State says ‘no’ to edtech disconnect–so can you!

Will your institution join the innovative EdTech Network in bridging marketplace entrepreneurship with administration?

In order to better harness the technological innovations ripe for higher ed’s use toward its own reinvention, Penn State’s EdTech Network is leveraging the University’s size and broad research strengths to be a driver for job creation, economic development and student career success—and they’re asking other colleges, universities, faculty and staff, students, and companies to join.

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Key Points:

  • Started in the fall of 2015, the EdTech Network promotes active collaboration among companies, students, faculty, staff, and alumni to foster transformational education technology.
  • It’s part of Penn State President Eric Barron’s $30 million Invent Penn State initiative, which aims to drive job creation, economic development, and student career success by connecting researchers and innovators with the people who can help bring their discoveries to the marketplace.
  • There are no application fees or obligations to become a member of the EdTech Network.

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