Silicon Valley’s EDCAST wins UN’s sustainability award

Award highlights Sustainable Development Knowledge Platforms (SDGs)

Three years ago, EdCast and Professor Jeffrey Sachs from Stanford joined hands to create technical literacy on the subject of sustainable development and created a corporate academy platform

EdCast powered the program through its online platform for SDNedu. Curated with Jeffrey D. Sachs the world-renowned professor of economics, leader in sustainable development, senior UN advisor, and the programs covered important topics such as:

Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities: Since the concept of planetary boundaries was first published in 2009 it has generated enormous interest and debate. Our scientists have spoken at the United Nations. Businesses have asked, how we apply “planetary boundaries” to our business models.

The Age of Sustainable Development Course: The Age of Sustainable Development gives students an understanding of the key challenges and pathways to sustainable development – that is, economic development that is also socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable. Climate change science and natural resources planning are key learnings from the bouquet of courses.

In total, there are 8 courses on the online platform, focusing on a variety of subjects of sustainable development, and they have received more than 45,000 registrations, amplifying the message to a wider audience. In recognition of its efforts, EdCast was awarded the UN Novus Award for SDG’s.

In his award acceptance speech at the UN General Assembly for EdCast’s work on SDG’s for past 3+ years with the UN, Prof Jeff Sachs and reaching millions of people worldwide in educating them on SDG’s, Karl Mehta, Founder EdCast said, “ Fortunate to be involved with the Sustainable Development Goals and its outreach with my mentor, Prof Sachs of Columbia University & UN, when it was still an idea in the minds of few people and today it is becoming a global movement driven by 193 country heads.”

Edcast believes that learning outreach is critical if one wants to create impact, or see visible change. Every organization and every country has a requirement to drive a certain agenda, and it is useful to have a dedicated online platforms to facilitate that.

About EdCast

EdCast is a social knowledge network built to enhance the human ability to learn and get smarter. EdCast Knowledge NetworksTM power social, mobile and cloud-based learning for world-class institutions, enterprises, governments and nonprofits and enables millions of lifelong learners to gain knowledge every day. The EdCast executive team has a track record of building large-scale transformational technology; all are passionate about the global impact of mobile and online learning. EdCast is a Stanford StartX company backed by tier one VC firms. The Company is based in Mountain View CA, with offices worldwide.

EdCast has evolved to be every learning departments’ best ally; and a tool to build and share knowledge. Edcast believes that if you can create the right ecosystem for the learner and the teacher, you can create a much wider impact. By offering courses and giving people the choice to take them at their own time, we have seen increased commitment towards course completion and higher knowledge gains. The award from UN clearly validates that.

Material from a press release was used in this report.