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This week, we’re giving you a quick update on some of the most recent trends in higher education, including a look at the top 20 accredited online colleges, how one school uses analytics to identify fraud and abuse, and the growing field of social media science.

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Survey: Online professional development booming with faculty
Higher-ed instructors most often prefer to participate in online professional development (PD) opportunities that focus on training for online software and digital resources (34 percent), classroom management strategies (34 percent), and digital device training (33 percent), according to a new survey.

How Stanford is using analytics to detect fraud and abuse
Increasingly sophisticated government audits—and the sheer volume of transactions—have prompted Stanford to trade in its manual in-house audits for an analytics-driven solution.

The top 20 accredited online colleges in the U.S. has recently released their list of the Top Accredited Online Colleges, a comprehensive index including what the web publication lists as “the very best, accredited, online schools in the country.”

New millennial-driven field of study focuses on the science of social media
Innovation is increasingly important in helping colleges and universities attract and retain students, and when it comes to fields of study, many students look for majors that will guide them to career paths with healthy prospects for growth and success.

Laura Ascione