Carbon Black acquires Confer: Adds next-gen AV to platform

The single platform will replace legacy AV and secure high-value systems.

According to the company, Carbon Black has a clear vision: create a world safe from cyber attacks. As part of Carbon Black’s commitment to fulfilling this vision, the company team knows it must provide the most complete endpoint security platform on the market. To that end, Carbon Black has announced its acquisition of Confer, a cloud-based Next Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV) company.

Confer empowers customers with a simple, lightweight solution that can replace traditional antivirus products. Combined with Carbon Black, the result of this acquisition is that customers can stop more attacks, see every threat and close security gaps that other solutions leave open.

The company says it is easier than ever for customers to evolve their defenses over time with the most complete, zero-gap endpoint security platform on the market.

This single platform does a few key things:

·    Secures high-value systems

·    Replaces legacy AV

·    Provides robust incident response and threat hunting capabilities.

Visit Carbon Black’s website for more details.

Material from a press release was used in this report.