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Formative writing tools integrate into College Board programs

Turnitin and College Board will partner to provide students with productive writing practice opportunities and help develop college ready skills

Turnitin has announced a multi-year extension of its work with the College Board that will connect its formative writing tools to College Board programs like SpringBoard in an effort to expand and promote productive student writing practice.

The addition of Turnitin’s writing instruction technology, Revision Assistant, will give students more ways to practice and receive instruction that will help them develop the knowledge, skills and understanding that are critical to college and career success. Click to Tweet.

This announcement marks the culmination of three years of collaborative research between Turnitin and the College Board that demonstrates the value of Turnitin’s Revision Assistant technology in evaluating and improving student writing.

Turnitin Revision Assistant extends the reach of teachers by providing immediate, actionable feedback to students as they write. Our work together shows that Revision Assistant provides appropriate and helpful feedback on student writing across prompt types and writing styles, including the argumentative, explanatory, expository, and narrative genres.

“The ability to write well is fundamental to college and career success,” said Trevor Packer, senior vice president, AP® and Instruction at the College Board. “Combining the College Board and Turnitin’s learning tools helps students to become better writers through thoughtful, focused, and useful practice.”

“Turnitin’s partnership with the College Board demonstrates the importance of formative writing tools in helping students to improve their writing and to think more critically,” said Chris Caren, CEO of Turnitin. “The broad collaboration with the College Board furthers Turnitin’s mission to support 100 million learners with our formative writing solutions.”

The College Board’s AP and SpringBoard Digital programs are the first programs to feature Revision Assistant integration. SpringBoard Digital includes a version of Revision Assistant that is trained to provide feedback on SpringBoard’s proprietary end-of-unit embedded assessments. Additionally, the College Board has made six AP World History and AP English Language and Composition prompts available within the full version of Turnitin Revision Assistant that is available to school districts nationwide.

In the near future, Turnitin will continue the integration of its education technology into other College Board programs, including Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy®. By the end of 2016, students will be able to use a free, publicly available version of Revision Assistant to help them prepare for the new SAT Essay section.

Laura Ascione