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Integrated dashboards link engagement to academic performance

Instructor, advisor dashboards combine LMS data with insights into class participation and evidence of student engagement

Echo360, in partnership with Instructure, launched a newly integrated analytics solution that will allow faculty to quickly compare course-level data, like attendance and grades, with more granular evidence of real-time student engagement like note-taking, class participation, and collaborating with peers. By combining insights from Instructure’s Canvas learning management system (LMS) and Echo360’s classroom platform, faculty can produce a holistic view of student learning activity before, during, and after class to identify challenges early and provide more targeted support.

“We know that student engagement is one of, if not the most, critical early indicators of course completion and success, but faculty tell us they are frustrated by what little insight they have into the student learning behaviors that really matter,” said Fred Singer, CEO of Echo360. “Faculty and institutions no longer have to rely on proxies for student engagement like gym activity or meal card swipes. By combining the best of LMS and classroom engagement data, educators can know right away which students are at risk and can intervene before it is too late.”

Echo360 and Instructure’s engagement-to-grades correlation is the first in a series of data dashboards and reports that Echo360 and Instructure are developing in response to faculty demand for more practical and actionable real-time analytics. Additional reports will be available in early 2017 and will enable faculty and advisors to provide more targeted intervention earlier in the semester.

“There is significant enthusiasm around the potential of data to inform teaching and learning. But until now, most data is gathered after the fact, after learning takes place,” said Melissa Loble, Vice President of Partnerships and Programs at Instructure. “Now, faculty can instantaneously download reports to better understand how student participation impacts learning. This is an exciting advancement for instructors and institutions.”

Today, Canvas provides insights into course-specific activities, including content distribution, attendance, assessments, and grading. Through the Echo360 platform, faculty and instructors are able to tap into powerful learner analytics, generated as students review course content in advance of class, ask questions during class in an anonymous and risk-free way, and engage with instructors and peers anytime and anywhere.

Laura Ascione