10 apps that block mobile distractions

[Listed in alphabetical order]


1. ClearLock for Android : a productivity app which allows users to block all distracting apps on their device in order to concentrate and focus on what matters to increase productivity. Users select which apps they wish to block, for how long and that’s it. [Price: Free]


2. Cold Turkey for OS for Android: users give a list of the most tempting websites they access and Cold Turkey will block access to them all for the time period specified. Whatever browser users are using, the results are the same – enter one of the forbidden URLs before the time is up and you’ll be told that the site is unavailable. [Price: Free]


3. Focus Lock for Android and Flipd for Apple: Focus Lock promises to help users stop being slaves to their phone by blocking notifications for 25 minutes from whichever apps most distract them, followed by a five-minute unlocked window. Flipd has more customizable settings and is a similar app [Price: Both free]


4. Isolator for OS X: can completely hide other windows, blur everything behind your active window, and do a variety of other things depending on your settings, such as hiding the dock when you want to concentrate. [Price: Free]


5. (OFFTIME) for Apple and for Android: lets you monitor your smartphone usage in real time and take dedicated timeouts from the digital. The app’s analytics aims to make it easy to identify habits and take action to change them. (OFFTIME) has three components that support digital balance and digital detox: 1) tracking and comparing device usage; 2) setting personal device usage goals and accessing tips & articles; and 3) pursuing alone or inviting others to OFFTIMEs (on iOS the flight/mute mode). The app lets the user understand his/her digital habits through graphs and visualizations of his/her smartphone usage, clustered by daily, weekly, monthly and total usage reports. Using “locations” the user can find his/her usage hotspots. With the badge icon the user can see his/her daily unlocks or collect time offs. [Price: $2.99; Free for new users]

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