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Higher-ed IT leaders list their top 10 priorities

A Verizon roundtable discussion focused on higher ed IT leaders’ priorities and digital IT trends as they look to the fall semester.

Though colleges and universities are open environments, campus IT leaders face a number of challenges as digital technology use grows, said members of a recent national panel. In other words, BYOD isn’t a problem of the past, it’s still very much the challenge now. Also, security trumps all.

One of the challenges listed over and over again by higher ed IT leaders was that colleges and universities are striving to create secure environments that do not limit use of and access to devices, platforms and other technologies.

Other often-cited current higher-ed IT priorities center around security and education outcomes, with secure campus networks supporting these outcomes and research goals, said Maggie Hallbach, vice president of government and education markets for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, during a virtual roundtable event to discuss higher education’s IT evolution.

“Without feeling secure, it’s really difficult to be able to drive student outcomes, conduct research, and focus on problems that research is attempting to solve–and it’s also very difficult to interact and collaborate in the higher-ed environment if you’re not entirely clear on whether who you are interacting with is trusted,” she added.

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Laura Ascione