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New micro-learning platform aims to help young professionals

Platform offers a unique online resource for new and young professionals looking to accelerate their professional development

Speakeasy, Inc., a global communication coaching and professional development company, announced the launch of SelfLink.com, an online, micro-learning portal specifically designed to meet the learning needs of up-and-coming working professionals. With communication programs offered all over the world, and with offices in Atlanta, San Francisco, New York and Amsterdam, Speakeasy is looking to continue the communication development of young, new professionals by leveraging the best in educational technology.

The online resources are designed to harness the power of more effective personal communication in driving real business results. Developed to meet the growing need of Millennials to stay up-to-date on professional development topics, SelfLink was created to serve a younger audience keeping their learning preferences in mind. SelfLink’s micro-learning videos are aimed at moving learners quickly from where they are to where they need to be in order to make real contributions to their organizations. Each self-paced module within the suite of courses on SelfLink.com is followed by a short survey to best identify areas of strength, and highlight opportunities the learner can utilize to improve his or her communication effectiveness.

“Today’s young professionals have grown up with more information, more speed, more diversity, and more opportunity than any generation before,” explained Kip Coombs, President, Speakeasy. “But one thing hasn’t changed; powerful personal communication is still the critical link in their journey toward success.”

Young professionals can register on SelfLink.com and receive instant access to a full suite of short, micro-learning videos with fast-moving quizzes and written coaching. The materials on SelfLink.com are all designed to deliver the baseline communication awareness new young professionals need to immediately begin contributing in a business environment.

“After forty-two years, we’re very excited to deliver a scalable learning experience appropriate for young professionals,” noted Scott Weiss, CEO, Speakeasy. “SelfLink.com meets the growing demands of our clients by providing readily accessible, effective, and at only $30 per subscriber, extremely affordable professional communication development tools. Now, all young professionals can tap into the communication awareness they need to begin their careers with confidence and authenticity.”

Speakeasy’s traditional in-person communication skills training classes will continue, with new programs being offered in Chicago and Boston through 2016. Although it was developed with young professionals in mind, SelfLink broadens the professional and communication development opportunities available through Speakeasy, and it serves as a unique resource for professionals at all levels. By utilizing SelfLink.com, business professionals will be able to tap into proven communication program techniques, receive expert guidance, and access Speakeasy materials to help them through their communication journeys.

Laura Ascione