The Exmor R CMOS sensor had attendees dying to test it out.

Lumens: Lumens™ Integration Inc. introduced a new 4K Ultra HD PTZ camera, the VC-A70H. The camera was designed for the broadcasting and large meeting room environments. This camera is equipped with a progressive Exmor R CMOS sensor. Compared to other cameras in the industry, the VC-A70H comes with a 12x optical zoom, 74° of a Horizontal Field of View (HFoV), HDMI and HDBaseT simultaneous video output interface and a built-in tally light. Click here for the full news.


42” High-Performance LED-Backlit Commercial-Grade Display with Integrated Digital Media Player.

NEC DisplayNEC’s 42-inch and 46-inch V Series displays feature a integrated touch overlays, NECOPS computers powered by Intel, and a directory board software solution from Alive Promo. Click here to read the full news.

Nureva Span collaboration system

Nureva Span collaboration system.

Nureva: Nureva‘s projector-based Span collaboration board is getting a new mobile option — a cart that integrates a full HD 1080p projector paired with a (school supplied) PC. When connected, it projects a 6’2 wide image on a wall-like surface. Two infrared pens provide touch interactivity at the wall. You can even link two or three carts together to produce larger collaboration spaces. Click here to read the full news.


The Optoma ZU510T projector.

Optoma: The new DLP 4K laser phosphor ultra short throw projector displays a 100-inch image on a wall or screen from just two inches away with a brightness up to 3,300 lumens; while Optoma‘s new ZU510T will be one of the few WUXGA laser phosphor DLP projectors in the 4,000 to 5,000 lumen range currently in market. Click here to read the full news.

Panasonic - lecture capture cameras

Lecture capture cameras.

Panasonic: Showcasing a variety of projectors and displays, Panasonic’s offerings included a 3-chip DLP 4k+ laser projector; a single chip laser projector; and the BF1 Series multi-touch display with built-in whiteboard software, available 50-, 65-, and 80-inch sizes. Click here to read the full news.

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