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NobleStream adds adaptive learning provider Lrnr to portfolio

NobleStream will help institutions around the country take full advantage of Lrnr’s personalized learning platform

NobleStream, a professional services firm that unleashes technology-led improvements and growth in progressive academic institutions, has welcomed Lrnr into its portfolio of best-in-class ed-tech solution providers.

Per the new partnership, NobleStream will help institutions around the country take full advantage of Lrnr’s powerful and innovative personalized learning platform, which uniquely combines: STEM-focused content, intuitive personal learning tools, adaptive assessment, individualized learning paths, and actionable analytics to deliver measurably superior results.

In addition, faculty can leverage Lrnr’s powerful, yet easy-to-use and flexible tools to customize existing courses, create new courses, and monitor each student’s progress to proactively provide support that enhances engagement and improves outcomes.

“We are delighted to welcome Lrnr into the NobleStream’s EdTech solution ecosystem,” commented Howard Weiner, NobleStream’s Managing Partner. “Lrnr fulfills the promise of adaptive learning by transforming the way students interact with courseware, and ensures that instructors and students who adopt OER content can fully leverage the advantages of high-quality, low-cost tools and personalized learning.”

“At Lrnr, our mission is to personalize learning for everyone by enabling students to learn more, faster, better, at their own pace, and in their own individual way,” commented Aravind Pochiraju, Lrnr’s founder and CEO. “After speaking with institutions and other EdTech partners and providers, we are very confident that NobleStream is the right team to help us make the amazingly positive outcomes of adaptive learning experiences available to more students, faculty and institutions.”

In a related announcement, as part of its “Colloquiums” webinar series that features insights from EdTech experts and on-demand training and development for faculty, NobleStream is offering a new Colloquium co-facilitated by Aravind Pochiraju, founder and CEO at Lrnr, and Mark Miller, co-founder and partner at LearnLaunch: a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing student achievement through the adoption of digital technologies. Topics that Mr. Pochiraju and Mr. Miller will cover include:
● Insights on Lrnr’s STEM-focused adaptive learning platform
● How adaptive learning is “closing the book” on one-sized-fits-all education
● Why the momentum shift to student-centered education is essential
● How to successfully integrate adaptive learning courseware into OER content

The colloquium is offered at no cost. Further information is available at NobleStream’s Colloquiums page.

A core foundation of NobleStream’s value proposition is to provide faculty and academic leaders with insights and advice on mission-critical issues they face today, and will continue to address in the years to come. As part of this commitment, NobleStream offers a unique “Academic Challenges” section on its website, which currently provides a clear, yet comprehensive look at the issues, obstacles, challenges and technology-led solutions related to:
●Student Preparedness
●Early Intervention
●Student Retention, Conversion & Employability
●Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Education
●Reducing Cost of Materials & Equity of Access
●Institutional Efficacy and Effectiveness
●College and Career Readiness

Additional “Academic Challenges” are added on a regular basis, and complimentary access is available on-demand (no registration required).

More information on NobleStream’s commitment and capacity to unleash technology that powers education is available at

Laura Ascione