Ed Map accelerates textbook affordability, OER access

Ed Map offerings align university missions with evolving content supply chain

Ed Map, Inc. is answering widespread calls for affordable course materials with a new business model, and expansion of its content curation services, that further aligns itself with university missions of access and affordability.

An Appalachian-based education technology company offering next-generation bookstore software and services, Ed Map is leveraging its 14 years of experience serving large, scaled online programs as well as their proprietary OPENVUE course materials management platform, to provide institutions with flexibility, control, and access to emerging content types.

With its innovative solutions and business model, Ed Map is challenging assumptions of many in higher education that the primary way to reduce course materials costs is to send students unsupported to the open market for used and rental traditional textbooks.

Ed Map has developed a Platform as a Service (PaaS) business model that includes the OPENVUE course materials management platform, and options for supply chain management services. Key to Ed Map’s model is that there is no markup on the cost of educational content, a move that paves the way for the adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER) and other low-cost content initiatives.

“Ed Map’s deep expertise from years of reducing the cost of course materials for students and institutions inspired our innovative new business model: this is a far better way to tackle affordability and access than used and rental textbooks,” says Ed Map President and COO Kerry Pigman. “We are eager to facilitate the move to digital, publisher adaptive tools and OER to take advantage of the related improvement in academics and reduction in costs. Combining Ed Map’s OPENVUE Platform with its PaaS business model enables all stakeholders to benefit from the new, often digital, reality of course materials.”

Along with its OPENVUE software and supply chain services, Ed Map is expanding its CURATE professional services. CURATE by Ed Map overcomes the discoverability barrier that many faculty encounter when trying to incorporate fresh, relevant OER and disaggregated content. Starting with outcomes and school-specific parameters, CURATE by Ed Map content experts then scour the landscape for fresh and relevant content to be used in the classroom.

“Today’s content ecosystem is in transition,” says Pigman. “It’s failing those it was intended to serve – students, faculty, institutions, and content providers. Core to our mission is increasing the value of educational content; too many students make the unfortunate choice every day to go without critical materials. Ed Map is committed to providing solutions to Higher Education so that every student can afford and access the content they need to succeed.”

Laura Ascione