A new report outlines how institutions’ curricular offerings, specifically via online degrees, will have to evolve to meet the demands of tomorrow’s students.

According to a new report from ed-tech solutions provider The Learning House, 62 percent of online college students decide what they are interested in studying before they decide which school to attend, which means institutions must have in place the right programs to attract students.

The report, “Growth Opportunities in Higher Education: Degrees and Alternate Pathways,” outlines key opportunities for growth that universities should consider based on expected shifts in employer needs, and therefore, student demand. It also identifies specific higher education offerings with the greatest potential for future use.

“As higher education continues to evolve, innovation will come not just in the field of study offered, but
also in redefining the very nature of what a credential is and how it should be delivered,” according to the report. “As students continue to require new skills and need to gain those skills as quickly and inexpensively as possible, colleges and universities will need to compete not just with themselves but also with the numerous education ventures that are reacting to this need and developing outside of the traditional institutional model.”

“This research underscores that for higher education institutions to thrive, it’s critical that they’re flexible in how, where and what they offer to students,” said Todd Zipper, the CEO of The Learning House. “This includes ensuring that universities are offering the right educational products, as students will otherwise seek out these opportunities elsewhere. Now more than ever, universities must evolve to meet the demands of the 21st century economy.”

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Laura Ascione